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Net leverage ratio

Net leverage ratio

At the occasion of the December 2018 Capital Markets Day - and as updated at the end of October last year when we tightened our shareholder remuneration policy - we reconfirmed our leverage framework, maintained at 3.5x to 4.5x Net Total Debt to Consolidated Annualized Adjusted EBITDA ("net total leverage1"). In absence of any material acquisitions and/or significant changes in our business or regulatory environment, we intend to stay around the 4.0x mid-point through an attractive and sustainable level of shareholder disbursements. This now includes a gross dividend per share floor of €2.75, representing the upper end of the previous pay-ratio between 50-70% as a percentage of our Adjusted Free Cash Flow. At December 31, 2020, our net total leverage was 4.1x, which was modestly up compared to September 30, 2020. This reflected the payment of the intermediate dividend in December 2020 (€150.0 million) as well as the impact of the aforementioned accounting treatment of the Belgian football broadcasting rights and certain premium content on our Adjusted EBITDA.

Our net covenant leverage2, as calculated under the 2020 Amended Senior Credit Facility, differs from our net total leverage as it excludes (i) lease-related liabilities, (ii) any vendor financing-related short-term liabilities and includes (iii) the Credit Facility Excluded Amount (which is the greater of €400.0 million and 0.25x Consolidated Adjusted Annualized EBITDA). Our net covenant leverage reached 3.0x at December 31, 2020, which was also modestly up versus the prior quarter. Our current net covenant leverage ratio is significantly below the springing maintenance covenant of 6.0x and the incurrence test of 4.5x net senior leverage. The aforementioned maintenance covenant only applies, however, in case we would draw 40% or more under our revolving credit facilities. At December 31, 2020, our revolving credit facilities were fully undrawn as mentioned above.

For a reconciliation of both our net total leverage and net covenant ratio as per December 31, 2020, we refer to the Q4 2020 Investor & Analyst Toolkit.

(1) Net total leverage is defined as the sum of loans and borrowings under current and non-current liabilities minus cash and cash equivalents ("Net Total Debt"), as recorded in the Company's statement of financial position, divided by the last two quarters' Consolidated Annualized Adjusted EBITDA. In its statement of financial position, Telenet's USD-denominated debt has been converted into € using the December 31, 2020 EUR/USD exchange rate. As Telenet has entered into several derivative transactions to hedge both the underlying floating interest rate and exchange risks, the €-equivalent hedged amounts were €2,041.5 million (USD 2,295.0 million Term Loan AR) and €882.8 million (USD 1.0 billion Senior Secured Notes due 2028), respectively. For the calculation of its net leverage ratio, Telenet uses the €-equivalent hedged amounts given the underlying economic risk exposure. Net total leverage is a non-GAAP measure as contemplated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Regulation G.

(2) Net covenant leverage is calculated as per the 2020 Amended Senior Credit Facility definition, using Net Total Debt (using the €-equivalent hedged amounts for its USD-denominated debt as highlighted above), excluding (i) subordinated shareholder loans, (ii) capitalized elements of indebtedness under the Clientele and Annuity Fees, (iii) any finance leases entered into on or prior to August 1, 2007, (iv) any indebtedness incurred under the network lease entered into with the pure intermunicipalities, (v) any vendor financing-related liabilities, and including (vi) the Credit Facility Excluded Amount (which is the greater of (a) €400.0 million and (b) 0.25x Consolidated Annualized Adjusted EBITDA), divided by last two quarters’ Consolidated Annualized Adjusted EBITDA.